A Guide to Using Predictive Analytics to Prevent School Shootings

With AI and machine learning, data can paint a life-saving picture.

Every time there is a school shooting, the discussion ranges from gun control to mental health, stressed-out teenagers and young adults, bullying, terrorism and even video games. There have been many discussions of traits displayed by school shooters that should help us recognize them. The problem is that before the fact, it is very difficult for humans to predict a school shooting even though a shooter may fit certain demographics and display certain traits.

Predictive Analytics to Detect Threats and Save Lives in School

This guide looks at what we know, why the analyses we have been doing up to now is not enough to stop school shootings and what machine learning can do for recognizing trends. Overtime, these data trends:

  • Give clarity to trillions of data points gathered across the Internet
  • Deliver the seriousness and context of the risk
  • Proactively inform law enforcement of the threat before it is too late

Considering the increased frequency of attacks, schools cannot afford to wait for law enforcement to find an answer that keeps schools safe.